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From "Ordination Policy: Guidelines for the License to Ministry, License to Preach, and Ordination"


While recognizing that the principle of the Autonomy of the Local Church places within the jurisdiction of each church authority in the matter of ordination, it is reasonable where the endorsement of a number of affiliated churches is concerned, there should be some formal and distinctive features that give significance to this wider recognition.

This manual has been prepared as an aid to churches planning a public service of ordination for men who have been called by the Lord to the Gospel Ministry. It sets forth requirements and procedures commonly observed among Vision International Ministries churches. Its observance by the Vision International Ministries churches in California (VIM worldwide) establishes a degree of uniformity in ordination procedure. This manual also helps to clarify the matter of licensing and commissioning.

The following suggestions are not to be construed as directives that infringe on the autonomy of the local church. Rather, they are intended to promote and preserve the quality of pastoral ministry within the Vision International Ministries fellowship of churches and to provide guidance to the local church which seeks with "decency and order" to ordain a man to the Gospel Ministry.

The following V.I.M. Bylaw should be noted: "The church's practice is to call and ordain only biblically qualified men as elder/pastors" (accepted 9-9-97). Therefore, it is appropriate for the local church to credential men and women who are called to a ministry other than that of elder/pastor in a way that is not confused with ordination. This may be accomplished by licensing and recognized by commissioning...

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